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Józef Czapski on Katyn

Polish military officer, writer and artist Józef Czapski, who had made a futile search for thousands of missing Polish officers in Soviet Russia during World War II killed on the orders of Stalin in 1940, was censored by the Voice of America (VOA) during his visit to the United States in 1950. Later, under tremendous pressure from the U.S. Congress,…

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How U.S. Lied About Polish Refugee Children to Protect Stalin

How the Roosevelt Administration Shipped Polish Refugee Orphans to Mexico In Locked Trains and Lied About It to Protect Stalin The Untold Story of Polish Refugee Children from Soviet Russia: “A Group Lost in History” The current crisis at the U.S. southern border and the Trump administration’s efforts to keep migrants in Mexico, some of them children, while their asylum…

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Starved in Stalin’s Russia

This photo taken in August 1942 in Iran by U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Henry I. Szymanski, showing Polish refugees from Russia — three sisters, ages 7, 8, and 9 — was classified as secret by the U.S. Government and was not declassified until 1952. Lieutenant Colonel Henry I. Szymanski was a U.S. Army Liaison Officer to the Polish Army created…

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